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Keep Fit in Dubai this Summer


Keeping fit this summer in Dubai should be high on your list of priorities because, let’s face it, how else are you going to get beach ready this summer? Check out these amazing ways to keep fit in Dubai this summer before you head out to a brunch with friends in Dubai.

Enjoy Football with Friends

What it is: This is an amazing football academy where you can check out some of the most highly rated football surfaces in the country, play on a pitch that’s regulated to the same standards as the top Premier League pitches in the UK for a fun 5-a-side game or a full-out 11-a-side game to see who is the best. There’s an amazing bar attached, Kickers, where you can grab a drink after a long day out on the pitches.

It’s a great way to enjoy the social aspect of sports and get fit with friends right here in Dubai.

Where to go: Find Football Academy at Dubai Sports City.

The Ultimate Gym With An Outdoor Area

What it is: Warehouse Gym has popped up all over Dubai and we’re pretty glad that it has, it’s an awesome 24 hour gym where you can really enjoy working out with a strong social emphasis. You can enjoy CrossFit sessions, circuit training, strength training and conditioning all under one roof. They even have an inclusive outdoor area where you can work on your tan while pumping iron and shedding fat.

It’s the closest thing that Dubai has to the iconic and world-renowned Muscle Beach gym in sunny Los Angeles, so enjoy the new suns out, guns out section at this mega gym.

Where to go: Head to the Warehouse Gym on Umm Suqeim Road at The Beach Mall at JBR.